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Cresco Concrete Products, LLC is dedicated to providing customers with a wide range of solutions based upon our innovative concrete technology. We focus on producing lightweight concrete products at our manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. Our offering includes the Liteblok™ integrated building system and our lightweight Cresco™ Precast Fence Systems. Lightweight interlocking dry stacked concrete block

Liteblok™ is an aerated, precision molded concrete block. By combining compressed air with a non-toxic liquid foaming agent, a foam is formed which is introduced into regular concrete leaving numerous tiny discrete air pockets within the material. The blocks are actually forms that are laid without mortar and are interlocking and lightweight allowing for significant savings in construction time and cost compared to traditional wood frame construction (see Understanding Wall Costs in News & Information).

Watch our 8 minute video illustrating the Liteblok™ construction method


This video can also be found on YouTube.com

The ease of assembly makes Liteblok™ ideal for “do it yourself” home buildHomes Retaining Walls Raised Beds Fences Built Quickly Affordably Betterers and professional builders alike. Liteblok™ has high insulation values, is fireproof and termite resistant. Liteblok™ built structures are strong and perform well in high winds and during seismic activity. It is a unique product that is patented worldwide. Liteblok™ is very different from all other concrete products on the market and should not be confused with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC).

"I've tried 3D panels, ICF, and CMU block. This is the easiest! This is the best!"

Liteblok™ is a Green building product providing many LEED credit opportunities to industry professionals. Long lasting, affordable, energy efficient homes are built with non-toxic materials that generate minimal job site waste. Potentially toxic substances such as polystyrene and fly ash are absent from our building materials. Liteblok™ can be found in residential and commercial construction. Applications include interior and exterior walls in homes and buildings, fire walls, fences, sheds, and retaining walls. To learn more about how Liteblok compares with competing wall systems, please review Liteblok Compared.

  Wood Frame ICF AAC CMU Liteblok™
Low Cost X X X
Environmentally Friendly X X X
Fire Resistant X X
Vermin/ Termite Resistant X X
Easy to Use X X X X

Cresco Precast Fence Systems include a number of concrete fencing options. Our easy-to-install Litecast privacy fences feature lightweight sound absorbing decorative panels. Our Premocrete fencing includes beautiful, integrally colored stone, wood or brick texture on all surfaces. Stucco, surface bonding cement, EIFS finishes, paint and stain alternatives, Fischer® fasteners, insulating skirting panels and building supplies make up our Cresco Specialty Products line. The Cresco™ Ornamental & Landscape Products line includes cast stone, pier and wall caps, equipment pads and parking stops.

Contact us and learn why be believe that our products are the easiest to use and offer the most affordable solutions on the market.

How can I use Liteblok™? Visit Solutions. Like to learn more about our products? Visit Products. Have questions, need help determining quantities, or looking for a contractor or professional? Contact Us. Ready to buy? Visit Where to Buy.

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