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Here are some examples of how Liteblokô can be applied:



  • Adding a room
  • Adding a safe room or creating one inside of an existing room
  • Building the interior and exterior walls of your home
  • Detached garage or carport
  • Foundation walls
  • Remodeling your existing home

Why Use Liteblokô?

  • Low cost building system
  • Liteblokô 38 Grande is at least 50% more energy efficient than a typical 2x6 wood frame home (for Gulf Coast Region) resulting in lower energy bills and a smaller A/C system
  • Being a true Green building material, Liteblokô is great for those with chemical sensitivities as it is a breathable material that is not produced with and does not contain any toxins, plastics, flyash, VOCs, or other potentially harmful materials
  • Liteblokô will not burn or produce harmful fumes during a fire
  • Sound absorbing walls mean quieter rooms. Regular dense concrete reflects sound back into the room, Liteblokô absorbs the sound in its walls
  • Strong wall system resists high winds and hurricanes
  • Great choice for building yourself. Lightweight, interlocking, mortarless design means you don't have to call a contractor, you can do it yourself and save
  • Mold requires warm temperatures, moisture, and organic nutrients such as wood and paper to grown and leave mildew. Liteblokô is totally inorganic and is mold resistant
  • Termites and other vermin will not attack, burrow, or nest within Liteblokô concrete
  • Resistant to seismic activity and shifting soils. Blocks are interlocking but not physically attached. Unlike traditional concrete wall systems, crack causing stresses in one block are unlikely to propagate through the wall
  • Lightweight block means lower foundation, column, and support requirements
  • Inexpensive to finish.  Blocks are smooth and tight fitting requiring only a thin set of mortar to finish prior to applying stucco, siding or veneer
  • System is versatile with ledges and double walls possible. Liteblokô can even be carved and shaped
  • Services easily accommodated - electrical boxes and water taps can be cast in place
  • For Liteblokô, having a 5" exterior wall instead of a 10" exterior wall is the space equivalent of adding another room to your home
  • Walls are a column and beam structure made from materials that engineers already know
  • Reduced insurance premiums may also be realized with Liteblokô
  • Liteblokô homes are comfortable, long lasting and easy to maintain
  • LEED credit opportunity contributions in Energy Performance, Regional Materials, Thermal Comfort - Design, Indoor Air Quality Performance and Construction Activity Pollution Prevention




  • Barns
  • Demising walls
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • Firewalls
  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Sheds and storage facilities
  • Sign and monument supports
  • Sound rooms and studios

Why Use Liteblokô?

  • Many of the benefits of Residential construction (described above) apply here
  • Ease of construction and simplicity of design means fewer skilled workers are required on the jobsite
  • Projects completed faster thanks to precise fit of interlocking dry stacked system
  • Self-aligning forms require no bracing or special supports during construction
  • Lightweight forms are safer for workers to handle
  • Blocks can be cut with a hand saw, accept regular nails and screws and require no special tools, mortars, plasters, or reinforcement.  They will not corrode steel
  • LEED for Schools credit opportunity contribution in Minimum Acoustical Performance
  • Opportunity for green building tax abatements from municipalities
  • Opportunity for reduced permit processing time and very significant rebates on government fees




  • Barbecue pits
  • Fences
  • Firepits
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Raised beds
  • Retaining walls

Why Use Liteblokô?

  • Building your own raised beds is easy with Liteblokô. Forms are lightweight and easy to handle. They are interlocking and mortarless so fitting them together is a snap. You just need some lengths of rebar, concrete mix, water, bucket, hammer and shovel and you can build your own raised beds
  • Forms are available in gray color but we can also offer custom colors
  • Liteblokô is a very clean lightweight concrete form. There are no toxins or chemicals present that may leach out into your plant soil
  • Liteblokô raised beds will not rot and are not attacked by vermin
  • Liteblokô raised beds and very strong and will not warp and deform over time
  • Liteblokô raised beds will not tarnish or turn color and require little, if any, maintenance
  • Liteblokô raised beds are very cost competitive with cedar, copper and landscape block systems
  • Liteblokô retaining walls are about half the cost of typical contractor installed walls
  • At only 8 lbs, Liteblokô is much lighter and easier to handle than the typical 80 lb retaining wall block
  • Lightweight, interlocking, mortarless design means installation can be completed quickly and easily
  • Build retaining walls and raised beds yourself with Liteblokô and save your back and your wallet
  • Liteblokô block fences are faster, easier and more cost effective to erect than competing systems
  • Reduce noise from your surroundings with a Liteblokô fence. It will absorb sound while regular concrete walls reflect it back
  • Unlike regular concrete, our lightweight concrete will take a direct flame without cracking or exploding. This quality makes it ideal for use in constructing barbecues and fire pits

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